Balustrade Construction, LLC

Mark Longenderfer

PO BOX 17975
Richmond VA 23226



“In collaboration with our customers since 2003”

At Balustrade Construction, we have the same goals you have. We want your home to reflect who you are and how you live.  We want to give you the best remodel you can afford for the best value. We want our presence to be as unobtrusive as possible in your lives when we are there. And most importantly we want you to be satisfied enough to tell your neighbors about us.

At Balustrade we can open up your kitchen to an adjoining room, maximizing space and efficiency.  We update tired bathrooms and install custom windows to allow light to filter in. We make the space you already have ideally suited for modern living.  Lifestyles have changed drastically since many of today’s homes were built. We listen to what you need and offer some of the best solutions around.

We’ve seen the difference a smart remodel can make. We know that something as simple as moving a door allows room for the state of the art audio system you’ve always wanted. Molding and wainscoting are a means to provide your rooms with the elegance they may have been lacking. French doors in just the right place can open up what feels like a cramped space to the airy outdoors.   

From helping you create a set of working drawing to filing for your permits. Balustrade Construction can help you with the details. We work with certified sub contractors who partner with us for a job delivered fast and well. We are earnest, hardworking and goal oriented. But most importantly, we are homeowners ourselves who recognize the most important possession we will ever own is our home.