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Kathy Corbet

5206 Markel Road, Suite 100C
Richmond, VA 23230

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At Kathy Corbet Interiors, we enhance our client’s experience with good design, making the remodeling process enjoyable.  We increase the value of a renovation by expertly integrating the new with the old.  We can complete the project with the finishings touches that turn a house into a home. 


The enormous array of choices available in every aspect of remodel selections is an exciting thing. It’s wonderful to have so much within reach, but it’s very easy to feel overwhelmed. We apply our knowledge and experience to your vision, and steer you expertly through the landscape of options.


We use a variety of design technologies to help our clients visualize their new space more clearly; helping them to make design decisions with confidence.  These design services in turn help our partner contractors to quote more accurately and avoid change orders by communicating design features clearly.


Building on the essence of your home and how you want to live in it, we work with you to develop rooms in your style that are functional, welcoming, and beautiful.  Our services include consulting and specifying interior furnishings and details, as well as construction phase design if you are looking to remodel.